Why Sex Toys are very famous

After she lost, Samantha got into a huge argument with the Sharper Image salesman over whether or not it was a back-massager and not a sexy toy. It turned out that they were right! 

Since decades, women have bought “back massagers,” from Sears & Roebuck. Mommy’s little helper was the “Oster” and valium massagers.

Women can now buy “back massagers” at Walgreens and CVS, as well as any other neighborhood drugstore. It’s been 20 years since I purchased my Hitachi Magic Wand from a Walgreens. I purchased it from a drugstore thinking that I was being discreet. I was 21 at that time, so it was a foolish decision. I didn’t know that all of the FREE WORLD used back massagers for more than just their neck or back. I’m a late bloomer, as you can see. 

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The Hitachi Magic Wand, which is probably the most famous back massager, is the Hitachi Magic Wand. Every lesbian that I have ever talked to about sex toys mentioned the magical electronic wand from Hitachi. This is often called the “magic-wand” or the “magic wand”. I joke that lesbians KNOW their toys! Here in the Bay Area, where our Bliss Pleasure Parties are held, many gay women are open to sharing their favorite sex toys and other sexy items with us.

The Magic Wand, a lovely toy, is also a great back massager. It plugs in to the wall and is very reliable. There are no batteries that will die or wear out, so it won’t be a problem when you need it. It is a great massager and works well for partner sex as well as masturbation. While it may not be the most attractive vibrator, nor the most sexually-exciting, I can assure you that it will work every time.

But I have some great news to share with you. The Hitach Magic Wand’s manufacturer now offers a waterproof, cordless wand called “The Mystic Wand”. It is PERFECT and I am delighted that my customers agree. I’ve been showing it at our home parties for about a week now and everyone who touches it falls in Love.

The Mystic Wand now has a yummy silicone skin on the wand/bulb, which is skin-safe silicone. This vibrator can be used anywhere on the body, even sensitive skin. You can massage your sore necks and sore shoulders, then use the rounded head of the Mystic Wand to reach more sensitive areas of your body. You can use this massager from any angle.

This “back massager”, which is similar to the Hitachi Magic Wand’s sweeter and more portable version, is just as good. It uses 4 double AA batteries, and provides plenty of power for people who enjoy the bigger toys. You can choose from 6 speeds to make it suitable for all ages. You can also share it with your partner to make it easier for them to use it together.

Peyronie’s can a man who has the disease use sex toys for his private life. It’s a common question among men who have a bent penis. This question, while not directly related to penis health, does reveal a man’s ability and willingness to have sex.


Many men have a curve around their penis. Instead of being straight, the penis bends slightly to one side or another. A bent penis is something that many men pride themselves on, as they feel it adds to their organ distinction. A lot of women find the slight curvature appealing. A number of females have found that a penis that curves at the right angle is more likely for her sensitive spots to be reached during sex.

It can also be dangerous for men to have a too steep curve. Peyronie disease is the most common form of excessive curvature in men. When the penis’ connective tissue is not performing its job, this condition occurs. This can happen when the penis is damaged by trauma (e.g., rough handling in sex, whether it’s partner-based or solo), or if some tissue ruptures or tears. As the body heals the tear, it creates a thin layer from scar tissue. The problem can be worsened if traumatizing tears or trauma keeps recurring.

The scar tissue does not have the same flexibility as the connective tissues it is replacing. When the penis goes from being flaccid to erect, more scar tissue accumulates. When the penis is erect, it will have less space to grow if the top is covered in scar tissue. The penis curves upwards because the connective tissue at the top is no longer present.

Peyronie’s affects not only men with it, but many others as well. Some men find it makes penetration more difficult or that scar tissue is too rigid, causing pain when the penis gets erect.


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